About Little Foxes in Wigan

We are an EYFS-based nursery in Wigan. We care for children from 0 to 5 years old, and provide a range of age appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready to join school. At Wigan Newton and Garston we also offer holiday club for children 4-12 years.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on learning and creativity. By blending indoor and outdoor classrooms and environments in a home-away-from-home environment, we are able to create a space where children feel empowered and ready to learn.

Our aim for the nursery is to provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment for the children. We try to nurture, care and challenge each child individually and give the best personal care we can.

Who We Are

We are a family run private nursery first set up in 1996 in the garden of 57 Fox House Lane by Jim and Margaret. Since then, their daughters Sophie and Anna have taken over the running of the nursery, and have expanded to seven settings.

We involve parents in the education of their children in order to support and extend each child's learning and foster a climate of co-operation, respect and to promote mutual understanding.

A good relationship between the home and nursery is seen as being central to the children's success and development.

The Little Foxes Team works in partnership with our parents and we encourage our open door policy whereby any parent may ask to see their child at any point during the day, ensuring that we uphold good practice at all times.

We believe our innovative approach gives children a bright and positive start in life, as we encourage both exploration and discovery as well as emotional intelligence and building friendships.


Our Safe & Secure Facilities

Our facilities provide state of the art security throughout, giving our parents complete peace of mind as to the safety of their precious children.


We have pin coded security entrances / exits ensuring your child is safe at all times. Each room has CCTV which is controlled and monitored by the Nursery Manager on an ongoing basis.

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Feeding Your Little Ones

At Little Foxes Nursery, we completely understand the importance of healthy eating and nutrition for our children. We provide freshly prepared, carefully balanced, nutritious meals appropriate to each child's developmental stage.

We actively encourage our children to make healthy choices for their snacks which help them to develop their understanding of healthy eating, whilst also growing their independence too.

We cater for all dietary requirements, special needs or religious beliefs – lactose intolerant, diabetes, celiac, gluten free, vegetarian or any other requirements. Rest assured that your child will only be given the appropriate and correct foods at all times.

About Our Wigan Location

When you visit us here at Little Foxes, you’ll see firsthand what makes us different!

The nursery is conveniently located adjacent to St. Matthew's Church and our large outdoor space features a dedicated smaller garden for our babies.

We've spent a lot of time developing this space, including the addition of a music wall, a built-in sandpit, a mud kitchen, and a water feature. Our aim is to maximize outdoor time, with 80% of our day spent in the fresh air. To ensure weather is never an issue, we provide all-weather suits for the children.

The divided layout of our outdoor space allows all children to play simultaneously throughout the day. Our team adjusts the outdoor setup daily, considering both the weather and the children's interests and learning objectives. With lots of space and a variety of bikes and trikes available, there's no shortage of outdoor fun for everyone!


Merging Teaching and Childcare

We believe that it’s never too early to start learning and that it’s vital to always present opportunities for children to learn and grow as soon as they start at our setting.

Each child is treated as an individual and with respect and these are values which we teach to all the children in our care. They learn to understand how we are all different and how we must always treat each other in

a kind and caring manner.

We work and partner with outside professionals and agencies; local play schools; local play groups; companies and all government initiatives to ensure that your child is receiving the highest level of education and support available.

By developing our programmes with curriculum experts and childcare specialists, we’ve been able to hone in on what makes early education a success and created a learning programme that allows our children to feel confident in themselves and their abilities as they reach school.

Here's What Parent's Have To Say

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What to Expect from Little Foxes

Our mission is to provide the highest quality childcare in Wigan if not the world!

As part of our commitment, we provide all of our kids with:

  • Healthy chef-prepared meals each day that meet dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.

  • Flexible hours to accommodate parents with busy schedules

  • The opportunity to explore the surroundings with trips to local areas of interest

  • Outdoor play that teaches little ones how to respect and interact with nature in a meaningful way.

  • A diverse, all-inclusive environment where all cultures and traditions are honoured and respected.

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